The Di&Trade Engineering Company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing industrial ventilation systems for offices and other spaces.

Schools and Kindergartens

Typically, in schools, the large number of students varying throughout the day necessitates regulating low-noise air circulation. Kindergartens equipped with kitchens require separating the airflow and exhaust hoods.


Usually, the number of people in stores fluctuates throughout the day. It is recommended to choose efficient ventilation systems. Air recirculation by controlling CO2 concentration, as well as heat recovery, is the optimal solution for this type of space.


Ventilation in offices is necessary throughout the day, and heat recovery and air heating are dependent on weather conditions. Offices located in urban areas require a high level of air filtration.

Industrial Spaces

Industrial spaces require a high air consumption when their activities involve a high level of pollution.


Ventilation requirements for hotels involve the following functions: fire prevention, operation control, coordination of speed, and low-noise levels.


Rooms in hospitals can vary in their purpose. Operating rooms have strict standards for clean air and low noise levels. When rooms are served by a system or sometimes subsystems, it is advisable for one of them to have controlled consumption.

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